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Public Notice of Bankruptcy Filing

Norma Duenas

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Public Notice of Bankruptcy FilingPublic Notice of Bankruptcy Filing

Most people who are filing for bankruptcy are concerned about having relatives or neighbors know that they are filing for bankruptcy because of the bankruptcy being a public record. This is very unlikely since it is rarely reported in newspapers and access to the public records generally requires access to PACER — a system on which the information is available. Most relatives, friends, and neighbors are not aware of how to access the system and they also need to setup an account in order to search for the information which rarely occurs. The likelihood that your circle of friends, family or neighbors will gain access to information on whether you filed for bankruptcy is highly unlikely. Although there are some websites that offer access to public records and information on bankruptcy filings, there is generally a fee involved. Most neighbors, and relatives will not go around spending money to find out if you have filed for bankruptcy.

For the most part the people who are aware of your bankruptcy filing are people who can view your credit report. Creditors and other individuals who have access to your credit report will be able to know of your bankruptcy part.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy and are worried about friends, relatives or people who know you finding out about your bankruptcy, it is very unlikely. In the hundreds and hundreds of cases I have filed, I have yet to learn from a client that a friend, family member, or neighbor found out about their bankruptcy case.

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