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Firm Overview- About Us

Southern California Law Advocates, P.C. (SCAL) is an Orange County and Riverside County bankruptcy law firm with office in Santa Ana close to the county court complexes and in Temecula (Riverside) for our In


About Us Norma DuenasSouthern California Law Advocates, P.C. (SCLA) was founded to promote and emphasize an attorney-client relationship that is built on trust and communication. The founding attorney, Norma Duenas, previously worked for one of the largest consumer bankruptcy law firms in the country. After finding that many of the clients questions and concerns where not being answered, she began to look for ways that she can better assist her clients. She found that the current law firm structure and system was not set up to focus on addressing and dealing with individual client concerns. Due to the volume and size of her previous law firm, she found very little time and ability to interact with her clients and respond to their concerns.

As a result she opted to start a law firm that is smaller in size and is focused on addressing each client’s questions and financial situation. In 2008, Southern California Law Advocates was founded with the aim of increasing attorney-client interaction and ensuring that clients felt supported throughout the bankruptcy process. Since its inception, Southern California Law Advocates has provided legal representation to more than 500 clients throughout Southern California.

As part of its focus on helping clients throughout the bankruptcy process, it began a Legal Blog in 2010. The blog is focused on disseminating as much practical information as possible to clients throughout Southern California and the US. The blog posts articles on bankruptcy and debt and is aimed at providing practical steps that any party can take to protect themselves.


The attorneys at Southern California Law Advocates are focused on providing our clients with honest, and ethical legal advice. SCLA offers clients strong legal advocacy that emphasizes open communication with clients and informed decision making. Our bankruptcy attorneys understand that filing for bankruptcy is a difficult and stressful life event and are here to assist clients with any questions. Our aim is to reduce the stress of bankruptcy and to increase the ease of the bankruptcy process. As part of this aim, we work to ensure that clients cases are handled efficiently and to address any issues or questions the clients have about the bankruptcy process.

The legal staff of Southern California Law Advocates are trained legal professional that are open to assisting clients with any concerns and questions. They are an important part of our legal team. Our legal staff provide our clients with ongoing information about the status of their bankruptcy case and help with important administrative tasks.


Norma Duenas is an experienced bankruptcy attorney who graduated from the University of San Diego Law School, Cum Laude. Norma Duenas has handled many complex Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. She has previously assisted clients in litigation, immigration matters and has handled hundreds of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in the Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, Temecula and Murrieta areas. Ms. Duenas is a member of the California Bar, American Bar Association and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Attorney Duenas, is admitted to practice law in the Central and Southern District of California.

Prior to founding Southern California Law Advocates, Ms. Duenas worked in diverse fields which included research and education. Ms. Duenas holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from California State University, Los Angeles. She has also previously served as adjunct faculty at California State University, Los Angeles. She has taught courses in Criminal Justice Ethics and Legal Writing.

Orange County bankruptcy attorney Norma DuenasMs. Duenas has also worked as a Research Associate at Behavioral Assessment Inc. As a Research Associate, she was involved in numerous social science studies related to drug use, domestic violence and gangs. As part of her work and interest in these fields she co-published articles in several well known Peer Reviewed Journals. Among her publications included Measuring Violence Risk and Outcome Among Mexican-American Women in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

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