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Useful Links to Bankruptcy Resources

Useful links to bankruptcy resources

  1. Bankruptcy Law Network-discussion of different topics related to bankruptcy by bankruptcy attorneys..
  2. Cornell University Law School-Overview of bankruptcy, and bankruptcy code sections.
  3. Bankruptcy Home-General information on bankruptcy
  4. Legal Products and Information Resources
  5. Visit for legal help and bankruptcy law information on chapter 7 bankruptcychapter 11 bankruptcychapter 12 bankruptcycchapter 13 bankruptcyfiling bankruptcylawsuits and bankruptcymedical bills and bankruptcybad checks and bankruptcyforeclosure and bankruptcytaxes and bankruptcy,bankruptcy attorneys and more.


  1. California Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California
  2. California Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California
  3. California Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California
  4. California Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California

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