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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information. Typically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates all your unsecured credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans, debts from vehicle repossession and from a foreclosure. Free Phone or Office Consultation 866-337-7220 with Orange County bankruptcy attorney.

In many instances the assets you have may be protected under federal bankruptcyexemptions laws. If all of the assets that you hold are protected under bankruptcy laws then creditors will receive nothing in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and if you qualify you will receive a discharge of your debts.

Receiving a discharge of your debts in Chapter 7 means that creditors cannot hold your personally liable for the debts or seek collection actions against you for the debts.

  • If you are currently being garnished by a creditor, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stop the majority of garnishment actions. When you file bankruptcy, garnishment creditors are notified of your bankruptcy filing and must stop garnishing your wages.
  • Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy immediately stops most creditor calls.Creditors are notified by the court that you have filed for bankruptcy and must immediately stop collection efforts. The credtior must stop wage garnishment, foreclosure actions and any type of collection efforts.

Southern California Law Advocates provides a free consultation that examines your current financial situation and can give you a better understanding of whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys can provide you with detailed bankruptcy information.

Learn More About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Stop Credit Calls by Retaining an Attorney The harassing creditor calls that you are receiving can come to an end by retaining our bankruptcy law offices. Once you retain our bankruptcy services you can refer all of your creditor calls to our law offices. We will handle your creditors. Our bankruptcy lawyers, and legal support staff will handle your creditor calls.
  • Reduce What You Owe on Your Vehicle- 722 Redemption
  • Asset Protection

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