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Long Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

Long Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

Long Beach Bankruptcy AttorneyBankruptcy can help you resolve your financial situation and help you start rebuilding your credit.

Bankruptcy Will Help You Eliminate:

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Medical Bill Debt
  • Personal Loan Debt STOP DROWNING IN DEBT
  • Debt from Repossession or Foreclosure
  • Business Debt
  • Payday Loans
  • Debt from Judgments
  • Debts from Cash Advances
  • Outstanding Utility Bills -Cell Phone Bills, etc.
  • Contract Obligations

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The consultation is a free no obligation consultation. You can retain our law offices with an initial $100 retainer and start referring your creditors to our office. We will provide you with an affordable payment plan to file your bankruptcy case.

About Our Office:

During your initial consultation you will meet with the Long Beach bankruptcy attorney Norma Duenas and have an opportunity to ask questions that are specific to your bankruptcy case and financial situation. Our law firm is focused on helping you understand the bankruptcy process and resolving any concerns you may have about filing for bankruptcy. During your initial consultation we will evaluate your situation and explain your options. The attorney will review your financial information to determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you.

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Hemet Attorney Norma DuenasAttorney Norma Duenas will make time to sit down with you personally if you call and schedule a free and confidential consultation.

If you need further assistance or to schedule a no-cost phone or in-person consultation, please call us at 866-337-7220 or email us if calling us is not practical or it’s after hours.

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