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Can My Social Security or SSI Be Garnished?

If you are receiving Social Security or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) chances are that you are living on a fixed income. If you owe creditors for medical bills, credit cards or personal loans you may be worried that the creditor will garnish your social security or disability checks. The good thing is that federal law protects your Social Security retirement, disability and SSI benefits from being touched by regular creditors. Section 207 of the Social Security Act prohibits creditors from being able attach, garnish or levy money from Social Security. If you owe money to credit cards, medical bills, pay day loans, personal loans, debt from repossession, and foreclosure then you do not need to worry that your Social Security or SSI will be garnished. Under federal law regular creditors cannot attach or seize money from your Social Security benefits.

Does that Mean Your Social Security is Protected from Any Creditor?

First you need to determine what benefits you are receiving to know whether your benefits may be subject to garnishment by the federal government or for certain debts. Generally benefits are paid out as either retirement income, SSDI or SSI. SSDI benefits are provided as an income supplement where there is a disability that limits your ability to work. SSDI income is not affected by how much income you are making. SSI on the other hand is intended as a supplemental income to provide for basic necessities for people who are disabled, aged or blind.

There are certain creditors that can attach or garnish your Social Security retirement and SSDI benefits among these are the federal government for IRS debt. If you owe taxes to the federal government then they can garnish your Social Security retirement and SSDI benefits to cover the past due taxes. The federal government is allowed to pay themselves out of these benefits to cover any income taxes you owe. If you are receiving SSI benefits then the government cannot garnish these wages to pay your federal taxes.

If you owe federal student loans then your Social Security retirement and SSDI are also subject to garnishment. Unfortunately student loans are one of few debts that if you owe and don't take care of, it can come back and haunt you. Not taking care of federal student loans can really cut back an already limited income. If you owe student loans it is very important that you find a way to resolve these debts before you are forced to pay them back through your Social Security checks.

Social Security or disability checks (SSDI) can also be garnished if you owe child support payments. Having outstanding child support payments or arrears can allow the government to take your social security benefits. A person may bring an action to enforce their rights for currently owed child support and alimony payments and these can be enforced against your benefits. Again SSI benefits are not subject to garnishment for child support or alimony payments.

Although regular creditors cannot garnish or levy a bank account with Social Security or disability payments it is important that you do not commingle your Social Security benefits with other income. A bank may mistakenly allow a creditor to seize the money that is in your account if you mix you Social Security income with other money. You will then have to prove to court that the Social Security money in your bank account is not subject to seizure. You can use section 207 of the Security Security Act to defend any improper seizure of benefits.

If a creditor has garnished or levied your social security benefits or SSI then you need to take steps immediately to have the funds returned to you. Learn more about this under how to stop a bank levy in California and take steps to protect your future benefits under protect social security benefits from a bank levy.

If you cannot afford to pay the debts owed and are concerned about other assets being seized or garnished then you should consider filing for bankruptcy . Talk to a local bankruptcy attorney in your area to determine if you qualify and are a good candidate for bankruptcy.


B.V. I am sorry to hear of your situation. I am hoping that in the near future there is law reform on student loans debt and eliminating it in circumstances where the person has become disabled.
I think all student loans should come with a guarantee that if you develop a disabling disease such a cancer or lupus.....you will not be forced to go without food and medicine in order to pay back your student loans. Disability payments are not enough to survive on in the first place. The added stress of having your income taken away for circumstances beyond your control is simply ridiculous. Being hounded and threaten constantly causes so much stress it interferes with your medical progress. The first thing the doctors tells you is... whatever stress you have get rid of it... But you can't because the student loan people are never satisfied with any forms you send them.....the continually want more more more and more forms then they are rejected because they are not filled out right. Someone didn't dot an i or cross a t or they abbreviated a word or the wrong person filled it out. You can not please these people. The first thing that happens to you is your stress level goes through the roof! If I had known this would all happen if I became disabled i would have not have taken out a student loan to go back to school after my job was outsourced to another country. I would have went ahead and laid in the gutter until the cancer came for me and skipped all this constant torture!
Gina, the Franchise Tax Board is not a creditor that under federal law is allowed to garnish or levy your social security disability income. If they attempt to obtain your social security disability payments through a bank levy you can dispute it. Your social security benefits are exempt from creditor action including those from the Franchise Tax Board. Your social security disability payments can only be garnished for federal income taxes and not for state income taxes. The social security act does not give authority to the state to garnish or levy your social security benefits.
Your social security retirement income can be garnished for federally backed student loans but cannot be garnished if they are private student loans that are not federally backed. You need to check what type of student loans you have to determine if they can garnish your social security retirement for student loans. If it is a private student loan that is not federally guaranteed then your social security retirement benefits cannot be garnished to pay these loans. If the student loans are federal student loans then your social security retirement benefits can be garnished. There is a limit as to how much they can garnish from your benefits. Make sure that you maintain any money from your social security benefits in a separate bank account and that you do not commingle your SS benefits with any other income. This is to avoid any potential issues with tracing and protecting your social security benefits in the future from creditors.
I have over $100,000 in student loan debt that I have been deferring on financial hardship. I will start collecting my Xhusband's SS retirement in March and it will provide a much needed stability to my erratic and unaccountable monthly revenues. Can it be garnished for these student loan debts? My last deferrment runs out just after SS collection begins.
I am a disabled Senior Citizen. I am receiving SSDI monthly. When I was employed before my disability (3 + yrs ago) my employer (unknown to me) failed to pay the payroll taxes she deducted from my paychecks for 6 years. Now the Franchise TAX Board (California) has sent me a notice that they are going to garnish my SSDI for the total owed, which is over $5,000. I only get 1,000 a month and this is my only income out of which I pay rent, utilities, phone, car insurance, medication copays and meds not covered by Medicare, gasoline and car repairs, food and clothing, etc. I literally have nothing left, no cushion at all, each month. If they do this, I will have to give up my car and maybe food too and sign up at a food bank for charity, but I will have no way to go get it. I live in the rural mountains and there is no public transportation. Is there any way I can file some type of special curcumstances or hardship exemption? All those taxes were deducted from my paycheck at the time of payment. It is not my fault that my employer failed to pay those taxes that I paid out of my checks each payday. I informed the FTB of this, but they did not care. They said I am liable for it anyway. Please help me, I am desperate for anwers. Thank you.
Section 207 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 407) protects social security benefits from garnishment and levy from creditors. It only allows garnishment and seizure for certain debts that include federal debt, child support and student loans. It does not allow for garnishment from the state for debts that do not fall under these categories, even if it is state taxes. Keep in mind that if your money is in a bank account the state may still try to levy it and you will have to prove that it is exempt.
If you are going to be receiving SSDI benefits then be aware that they are subject to garnishments for federal student loans. You must determine first whether you qualify for a forbearance on the student loans. If you have defaulted on the student loans then this may disqualify you from being able to obtain a forbearance.
what if a retired man with only social security as income owes a larger amount to the state. can they garnish his social security?? if they do that he will be homeless. it is his only means of living. he has no other income. PLEASE HELP
Hi Norma, your very informative. I have recently been given a judges fully favorable decision . for both ssi and ssdi. I then went into the ssi office and filled out the paper work to decline ssi and opted only for ssdi . by doing that i expect to recieved a much larger back pay which will not be subject to ssi restraints. is it possible i can recieve that full back pay amount and not recieve student loan garnishment if i do the necesarry forbarenece
If the California Franchise Tax Board levies your bank account then contact them right away for return of the funds. The franchise tax board is required to comply with 42 U.S.C. Section 407. Under this section Social security funds are exempt from attachment. levy or garnishment from creditors. The franchise tax board is included among the creditors that cannot garnish or seize your social security funds.
I do not believe it makes a difference that the debt that was cancelled was a student loan. If you qualify under the IRS provision of insolvency then the canceled student loan debt should not be treated as income. Canceled debt should not be included in your gross income to the extend you were insolvent immediately prior the the debt being canceled. You are treated as insolvent if the total amount of your liabilities was greater than the fair market value of your assets prior the debt being canceled.
My 74 yr old mother's credit union account has just been garnished & frozen! She was sued by a nursing home where my father received care before his death and the nursing home received a money judgement for monies owed them. We had previously tried to work out a revised re-payment plan with said NH, but they would not work with us. She had previously been paying them $694.00 per month out of my father's monthly Veteran's benefit funds. However, these funds stopped the day he died. We offered to pay $100.00 per month, but again NH woud not accept this low amount even though was all that could be afforded!

My mother's only source of income is social security (widow's benefit @ $569.00/monthly), and that has been electronically deposited into the account that has been frozen. It was my understanding that these monies are exempt from this type of garnishment.

I spoke with rep at credit union & they said that they just act on the court order & do not know the type of funds that are in the account. I thought that it would be obvious from the deposit history that these are social security monies! I respectfully asked them to lift the freeze (per Section 207) to which they said they could not (because of the court order) & that we would have to work this out with attorney for nursing home. Well... if we could have worked ANYTHING out with this creditor, we would not be at this point! My parents had been members of this credit union since 1973, so I thought that just for good business practice
& good will they would have more carefully reviewed this garnishment order!

Would you be able to comment as how to we should proceed to resolve this matter. We are located in Pennsylvania. Thank you for your time and attention.

I owe the California Franchise Tax Board back taxes. My current bank account only has Social Security Disability funds in it. I asked my bank to mark my account judgement proof but they said they could only do that for a trust?

Should I let the state put a hold on my account and then go to court showing the account is SS?
Hi Norma, My husband is disabled. We recently found out that my 11 year old daughter qualifies for support thru SS because of his being disabled. I have a student loan that is in default and I have no way of repaying right now. I do not work but take care of my husband and children. Can the government garnish the check for my daughter, with me as payee, to pay off my debt?
I am receiving SSDI and have student loans that will be cancelled at the end of this month (I've had a conditional discharge on the loans for a couple of years which is now being moved to a cancellation of the loans). I asked if the cancelled amount would be submitted to the IRS on a 1099-C (I just learned about 1099-C's), and I was told yes, the cancelled amount would be sent to the IRS and that I would be taxed on the amount being cancelled. The amount of my student loans has almost tripled from the original amount since I became disabled and was unable to pay, due to interest accumulating. I applied for a disability discharge, per the advice of the attorney who helped me with my SSDI claim. I am concerned as the tax liability is going to be quite high now - almost as much as my original loan amount - so the cancellation really doesn't take care of the debt (but yes, it is reduced so I'm not completely ungrateful!) I read about being insolvent, but can't find anything in the IRS publication re: this applying to student loans. Can the IRS garnish my SSDI to pay for the 1099-C I'll receive next year on the student loan cancellation? I am worried sick. I have no assets. I rent, don't own a car and used my SSDI award backpay to pay off all of the debts I had accumulated while I wasn't working and waiting on a decision from Soc Sec. I'm petrified! Thank you!
Who is the judgment from? If it is from credit card debt, medical bills or personal loans, then they will not be able to garnish or levy the money from your social security income. Make sure you don't commingle your SSI income with any other income in bank accounts. Creditors rarely seek to levy the judgment against an old vehicle. Although technically a creditor can seek to obtain a writ of execution and seek to levy against the vehicle, in reality this would rarely occur for an old vehicle. In addition if this were to occur there are state exemptions that protect $2,725 of value in a vehicle in California. Even if they attempted to sell the vehicle you could fill out a claim of exemptions. The claim of exemptions would exempt these funds from being applied to the debt.
Regular bill collections such as medical bills cannot touch social security income. Social security income is exempt from garnishment or levy from most creditors. Even with this creditors do make mistakes and sometimes incorrectly levy bank accounts. To avoid any issues you should also ensure that your social security funds are no commingled with other funds. If a creditor levies your social security income then you can file paperwork to have the money returned to you.
I may have a judgement placed against me soon which I can not pay. Can they collect on my SSI Disibility? This is my only income. Can they take my car, which is old and not worth much? Thank you for your help. I live in CA.
I am really asking for help for a friend of mine Sallie she does not have a car.She recentil received a check from Soc Sec for $10,000 if she despoits the money in the bank can bill collectors take her money she only has medical bills.
Thank you
LaRay Ratledge
This is really dependent on whether they are willing to work out a payment option with you. Every student loan company is different and what they are willing to work with you on will depend on what type of repayment plans they have available. You should investigate different repayment plans including income based repayment plans. There is also a new program called "Pay as you Go". This plan will cap the amount paid to student loans at 10% of your discretionary income. You should also look at whether you qualify to have your student loans on forbearance. You can be granted a forbearance for a number of reasons including health problems and personal problems. Even if they try to garnish your SSDI and it would leave you with less than $9,000 per year in benefits or $750 per month, then they cannot take any amount that would leave you with less than that.
If Sallie Mae holds federally guaranteed student loans, then the government has the ability to garnish your social security benefits. The government can take up to 15% of your total benefits. From my understanding your social security benefits will not be garnished if it leaves you with benefits less than $9,000 per year or $750 per month.
Your SSI income cannot be garnished for a student loan. What the creditor is threatening cannot be legally done. SSI benefits are not subject to garnishment for student loans.
If you owe the IRS then they can garnish your social security back payments but regular creditors will not be able to touch your social security disability income.
First issue you need to look at is whether you will have any liability if you surrender the property and are upside down. This will depend on which state you are located in and whether the creditor is allowed to seek any deficiency balance from you after the house is foreclosed. Second regular creditors are not allowed to garnish wages from social security income with the exception of federal debts. An FHA loan would likely qualify as this and you would be potentially subject to your social security check being garnished. Unfortunately I am not familiar with administration of state pension plans and therefore cannot provide insight on whether they are subject to garnishment for the federal loan. If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income then this would not be subject to garnishment or seizure regardless of who you owed the debt to. You should look into programs that will remove any potential of any deficiency from HUD or the mortgage company. I believe their is a HUD shortsale program that may eliminate any potential for any deficiency.
Thank you Norma for this site, I'm very happy to have found this.
My question is.. I have a very old student loan of 26 yrs ago.
I only went to school for 2 weeks when my vision failed. I had to quit.
SunTrust bank is threatning to garnish my SSi..Can they do this? Its all i have
I can't work and what i get isnt much in these times. Do you have any advice
for me please? I appreciate your help,
thank you.
I was so excited to find this article until I read the comments. My husband and I are both in our sixties and want to move to a smaller and more affordable place, but with the economy the value of our house (FHA ... HUD loan) has dropped 30k now oweing more than what the house is worth and see no way of selling it with all the foreclosures on the market.
We wanted to know if we just walked from the house if they could detach monies from our social security or State pension plans?
We are stuck between a rock and a hard place and it makes me so mad since it is the financial industry and the government that caused this problem in the first place.
Why is it that it is the little people who are honest have to pay and these Wall Street people are walking and making profits?
Is there anything we can do?
Social security income is subject to being garnished for pay for child support or alimony obligations. There is a potential that your benefits can be garnished due to the back child support and alimony owed.
VA benefits are generally not subject to seizure from regular creditors. From my understanding the state would also not be allowed to seize the VA disability benefits from your bank account. since its not subject to garnishment from state owed debts but from federal debts such as money owed to the IRS. Please make sure not to commingle money from your VA disability income with any other income.
Hi There, I do have one question. I do owe a student loan. I have 10 years to pay it off. I am going to start paying my student loan when I am able. At this time I am receiving SSDI and I am not willing to pay it at this time. They are not threatening me yet about this student loan, but will they be willing to threaten me at any time by garnishing me by my monthly SSDI? I live in Ohio. My only income is SSDI. Thank you for your advice.
I owe back child support and my wife alimony from 20 years ago when I was out on back surgery disability and they kept charging me while I was on disability and now the interest for late fees is huge. I paid all my other child support until the children were on their own. , can they or my ex wife attach my ssi
I have read this statement elsewhere on other sites...do you know if it is true?

"Sallie Mae and its debt collection representatives retain the ability to sue debtors to obtain a judgment for garnishing Social Security benefits to pay defaulted federally guaranteed student loans. These are student loans secured by the federal government. A debt collector may not take any amount that would leave debtors with annual benefit of less than $9,000 annually, or $750 per month, and may not take more than 15 of total Social Security benefits from any debtor."
My only income is my VA disability. Can California's Franchise Tax Board seize my bank accounts? I have my personal account and then a joint household account where my share of the monthlly bills goes. I would hate to have my partner's money get seized along with mine!!
The creditor for the lease would not be able to attach or seize income from your social security disability. This is protected from this type of creditor.
i get ssi disabilty and i got a backpayment and i get it in 3 instalments i got two i got one more in feb i owe the irs can they take it or any other crediter or am i safe they didnt touch the other ones will they touch this one i live in nj
we have a five year lease and want to break lease. can she attached our ssi disability meaning carnishedment of income?
According to the IRS website the amount of the levy is 15% of social security income based on the following statement on the IRS website:
Through the Federal Payment Levy Program (FPLP), Social Security benefit payments outlined in Title II of the Social Security Act, Federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Benefits, are subject to the 15-percent levy, to pay your delinquent tax debt.
My husband and I both owe back irs taxes. I applied for eary ss retirement , will they garnish my complete check?
i am recieving ssdi and i owe the irs and i know they can garnish my check but can you tell me how much they can take each month
i was awarded supplemental backpay and ssi due to i have lung cancer and disable now they awarded me $16 thousand & some change & only $641.00 a month to live off of im was wondering if the reason that is has to do with any of the answers i gave at the ssi interview & why they (ssi) are giving me three payments 9months apart for my back pay in the amount of $2553.00 when after paying off my attornney & general relief i had $9987.00 left three payments of $2553.00=$7659.00 & are they allowed to pay me how they choose to in three payments thank you
Unfortunately this is difficult to assess because this is generally depends on the state law that you live in.
My best guess on this issue is that VA loans are federally guaranteed loans that trump anti-deficiency laws in states and potentially can subject someone to deficiency judgment if they default on the home loan and its foreclosed upon. Unfortunately if this is the case money owed to the VA can be collected from social security benefits. You may want to discuss options with your lender that would avoid a deficiency balance such as a deed in lieu of foreclosure or you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy.
If your income is from SSI, then my understanding is that this money cannot be seized for any reason including for income taxes owed to the I.R.S.
Dave if you can give me more information on where you are located so that I can determine whether I can assist you in your question. Whether your car is subject to potential creditor seizure depending on state law.
The creditor who is suing you first has no ability to touch the Social Security income that you are receiving for your son. Please make sure to place the Social security income in a separate account so that it is not commingled with any other money. If the landlord obtains a judgment against you then depending on Ohio laws they may be able to obtain a lien against property. Unfortunately since I do not practice in Ohio I am not familiar with what is allowable once a creditor obtains a judgment against you. Each state varies on this. In California if a creditor obtains a judgment, they are able to place a lien on property.
Hi Norma Duenas first i would like to say thank you for all the help and advice you give to people. Your a Godsend.

I live in Ohio and i was sued by a former landlord(long story)
I recieve SSI and OWF(Direct Deposit) for my son. Can he garnished any of this from me. Or put liens on any of my property.

Happpy Holidays to you and your family.

PS recent i received a letter from a Lawyer about filing for Bankruptcy.
Please help with answer. Feeling panicky.my husband & I recently.bought home using his VA loan entitlement. Not good decisionn, he is 80, I am 73. He has since become ill, poossibly, nursing home or asissted living. If we can not sell home for money we need for his expenses,or lose home, can they take my SS. My income is smaller, would leave me nothing to live on, in the event , God forbid something happens to my husband or we are forced to use nursing home. Can they take his military retiree pay or his SS ? He was vet. I am not. Would they actually take a wifes smaller SS ? Should we sell home to avoid stress of losing. SS? Thanks for info.
Hello Ms. Duennas,
I think it's wonderful that you help all of these people.
I too have a problem. Had a bad divorce, wife kept the assets, I got the credit card bills, and now, I have several judgements against me. I had a massive heart attack last year, and only yesterday became eligible for SSI. No income or any assistance in over a year, other than my friends and family. My question is, can my car, which is not worth much, be taken? I need a vehicle to get to the doctor's etc. thank you for your time.
I was recently awarded ssdi and I have $38K that I owe in child support. I would like to know how much of a percentage of my backpay/retropay will they take? or will they take all of it? I'm suppose to receive $15K after lawyer fees.Also,how much of my monthly check percentage wise will they take? I'm looking forward to getting something done with this that has been hanging over my head for the past 10 yrs I'm also going to be receiving VA compensation as well. Any help you can give me I would greatly appreciate.
My husband 7 I both owe taxes of $62.000 dlrs and we were audit this yr and I.R.S said last yr we were low income we were unable to pay anything because of financial hardship. my husband works makes $25,000 yr and i was just approved for SSI. i was told by SSI I was gonna receive about $10,000 dlrs for back pay and $700.-monthly can i.r.s keep it,please advise thank you
The fact that a credit union is a federal credit union does not itself make any loan that they provide a federal loan. Unless they provided for example a federal student loan or something specifically spelled out as a federal loan, a loan from a federal credit union of itself is not a federal loan. Federal credit unions are different from banks simply because they are designed to be non-profit institutions that are regulated and insured through different methods than banks. More than likely your loan is just a regular private loan for which they cannot garnish your social security benefits.
You should have a right to appeal this withholding. Usually if they overpaid you they will send you a notice explaining how you can appeal the decision. You can also request to have the overpayment reviewed and for a waiver. If they grant you a waiver then you will not have to repay the overpayment.
why is ssi taking money out of my check said i got over paid i been on ssi for 22 yrs i getting 674.00 and now im only getting 606.00 i feel that im being robbed
i see a judge cant garnish your ssdi earnings to pay off private debts , is a credit union thats goes by the name of say HOWLAND FEDERAL CREDIT UNION ,of howland maine, is this actauly a federal loan and can they attach my ssdi check
I'm about to receive SSDI. I just received the favorable decision, but not the award letter yet. I owe $20k in back taxes to the State and IRS and have a lien. How will I know if the State or the IRS will levy before I receive the lump sum? And if they do levy, how do I find out how much? And generally, what is the overall likelihood of a levy? Will they take it from the lump sum or just the monthly payments?
The IRS cannot levy or garnish money from your husbands SSI benefits. If he has other income then they may be able to garnish or levy that income but not the income that is obtained from SSI. Please make sure to keep that income separate from any other income that your husband may receive. This is to make sure that if there is an error made by the IRS and they levy the income from a bank account with SSI, it can be clearly traced to SSI benefits and reversed.
In this situation you should contact the IRS and notify them right away that the money that was withdrawn from the account is SSI benefits. They are not authorized to levy supplemental security income for any IRS debt owed. Unfortunately they may not be aware that the money that was taken from the checking account was SSI benefits. You should check the irs website for an appeals process for the levied money or call the irs for information on this.
SSDI benefits are subject to being garnished for child support and alimony payments. The money that you receive from your social security disability payments can be garnished to pay amounts that are owed for child support and alimony obligations. This section in the social security laws provides the consent to garnish social security disability payments for child support and alimony:<a href="http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/ssact/title04/0459.htm" rel="nofollow"> http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/ssact/title04/0459.htm</a> . You should consult with a family law attorney to determine if there are any defenses that can assist you in reducing or stopping the garnishment.
my husband owes the IRS back taxes , can they take all his SSI every month. will they leave enough to pay his medical?
I receive supplimental security income and the i.r.s. withdrew 500 dollars from my checking account. Can they do this? This is all i have to my name. I can't even pay a rent wit my s.s.I. check, what can i do?
they take 594 out of my state check and 1.151.80 out of my ssdi check is this fair you tellme iam been paying my support and arrears out of my state check for over a year now why do they need more now they take both and leave me with only 300 to live on a month
Norma iam on ssdi and recieve a state pension and iam paying support out of my state check and for arrears now they took my ssdi check also is this fair now i have only 300 a month to live on this sound like state fraud do you have an answer
If you are only receiving SSI then your income should be protected from garnishment or seizure from student loan debts. If you also have additional income from other sources then this could be subject to garnishment or seizure from student loans.
I am suffering from moderate to severe copd, and have been receiving SSI income not SSDI. I have student loans. Can my SSI income be garnished?
I owe back taxes to the State of California for year 2003. Can the State offset my Social Security Disability Income? The form they sent me was FTB 1102
Steve I would suggest that you consult with a local <a href="http://socaladvocates.com/riverside-bankruptcy-attorney" rel="nofollow">bankruptcy attorney</a> to discuss whether the tax debt is dischargeable debt. Although the tax lien will not be eliminated in a bankruptcy, it will generally only survive as to the value of your assets that you own at the time of filing. This in effect may substantially reduce the amount of the tax lien. After 10 years the tax lien will expire and the IRS will be unable to renew the lien if you discharged the taxes in bankruptcy.
Hi -

I have had a $16,000 + federal tax lien since 1995 but have been unable to do anything about it because of poor health. I am receiving ssi right now and will be eligible for ss in 2012. I have copd and leukemia. Would like to do something about this tax lien but for some reason, no one wants to talk to me. Just not sure what to do. Hopefully someone here can give me some advice.


Well, on the bright side....I have 3 grandchildren whose daddies are over $90,000 in arears of child support. I guess when the daddies start drawing social security, then the children will get their back child support!!
I am on State Disability. My son lived with me and was also receiving money from Disability due to me on it. Now Custody changed and my ex is now receiving my son's money. There is a court order for me to pay child support. Now, there was a mistake that was made and when I stated how much I made per month my Lawyer included my son's money in with mine and the Judge stated I was to pay so much. Now the problem is with paying said Child Support it is a financial hardship on me. I have very little money left to support myself. Please do not get me wrong I should support my son and feel I am with the money he gets from disability. Now would the courts except the money my son gets from Disability as my Child Support?? My ex get $1000.00 a month from me and Disability and I am left with $679.00 to pay Rent, food and so on. Could you please help me. Thank you so much.
My bank charged me a 35.00 fee to pay my rent payment and the next day charged me 35.00 to return it. Now I'm 112.00 OD and I closed all my accounts and am not paying their ridiculous amt.s Can they garnish my ssi check or my allimony check?
Unfortunately under the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 the federal government would be allowed to administratively garnish you Social Security benefits for a VA loan. Although regular creditors cannot garnish your Social Security wages, the federal government is given special powers to collect on debts that are owed to it. Under the act the federal government could seek to collect a VA loan through garnishing a portion of your Social Security benefits.
I walked on on a VA loan when I went on Social Security. Can the Ferderal Govt attach my Social Security to pay the defaulted loan?
Retirement, SSI, and SSDI; three benefits people can collect under the Social Security Act. Most people would not know the difference between SSI and SSDI benefits. Yes, student loans can be collected from ss retirement. The government is serious about getting its money back.

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