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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Information

Information about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy InformationChapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization of your debts to help you make payments to creditors within a 36-month to 60-month payment plan.

To learn information on Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Works

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an interest free repayment plan were you generally only payback a portion of the consolidated debts. The remaining dischargeable debts that are not paid back within the 36-month or 60-month monthly payment plan are discharged after completing your bankruptcy plan.

By filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy you can:

  • Avoid paying and accumulating the interest and penalties that credit cards and personal loans require you to pay monthly. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops the interest and penalties from accumulating on your debts.
  • Stop the foreclosure of your home. Chapter 13 allows you to maintain your home while you repay the mortgage payments that you are behind in..
  • Remove your second mortgage from your home. If the value of your home is at or below the amount of your first mortgage then you can strip the second mortgage off your property.
  • Cram down your vehicle, so that you only pay what the current market value of the vehicle is worth and not the current loan amount.
  • Repay your priority tax liability within your Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. If you have priority tax debt to the IRS or state your can repay your tax debt within a Chapter 13 plan.
  • Stop the repossession of your vehicle. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to maintain your vehicle and repay your vehicle within a Chapter 13 plan. You can consolidate the past due payments and balance of your vehicle into your Chapter 13 plan.

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